The New Forums

December has been a big month with lots of exciting new features and updates. Forums were added to serve the community in several ways, but their primary use is as a commenting system.

Separating content from discussion

While separating the content from the discussion might seem counter-intuitive, it’s actually a really great idea.

Traditional solutions to implement commenting systems are great, but they can be slow to load and difficult to navigate. By using forums instead, it’s easier to build a community around and between topics while retaining a good amount of speed, simplifying a user’s experience, and separating the author’s content from the reader’s discussion.

A community worth joining

One of the biggest drawbacks of traditional commenting systems is the user experience. It can be frustrating that you’re only able to contribute to a conversation in the comments section of a post that someone else created.

With forums, you can still do that, but you can also branch out and talk about an entirely new topic. Maybe you have a question for the community or a joke to tell. You can do all that with forums. There’s a wide variety of topics that aren’t well-suited for full posts, but fit in perfectly as a forum topic.

Discussion as a platform

The biggest advantage of integrating forums into the website is the gained ability to have a central place for all users to discuss content. This is especially useful for users coming from connected properties that may be added on in the future.

For example, an author might post an article here and user can discuss that article on the forum, another author might post an article on another connected website and the same user can discuss that article, all with one account.

Release Utility

Start the discussion on the forums.